Youthful heart, healthy you

The subject of health has been especially relevant to me over the last week as for various reasons, I have made quite a few visits to hospital (myself and family reasons – we are all fine!). I few things struck me here: 70 years on (it was the NHS’s 70th birthday recently), how fortunate we...
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Get Out of Your Head!

A common problem that hinders people from making their desired changes is spending too much time in their heads. Let’s face it, we can talk ourselves out of almost anything if we want to! Spending too much time in your head can result in you playing all sorts of mind games with yourself leaving you...
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From Weight Loss to Health 2017 New Year Resolutions

My busiest time for new signups is a few days away, once New Year is upon us.  Suddenly the sight of chocolate and more chocolate is no longer appealing and the whole world is resolving to eat better, get fit and lose weight. This year has been different however with more enquiries in the month of...
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Do you have a healthy relationship with food?

At first glance, many people will answer yes to this question. They eat a reasonable amount of fruit and vegetables (OK, most could do with eating a few more veggies) and a varied diet with a reasonable balance of food types. Therefore they have a reasonably healthy relationship with food – right? (Note overuse of...
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Rapid, Effective Treatment for Stress and Anxiety

In my work as a Health & Well-Being Coach and Hypnotherapist, I find conditions such as stress, anxiety and depression relatively commonplace. I use a number of powerful techniques to help clients let go of issues causing them stress and anxiety to build a more positive and resourceful state of mind. There are varying views on...
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Lose Regain Repeat

Lose Regain Repeat. Lose Regain Repeat. Lose Regain Repeat And Maintain Does this sound like a familiar pattern to you If you’re trying to lose weight, I suspect the answer is a clear YES. When I see clients for weight loss, the one thing they all have in common is that this is not the first...
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Happy and Healthy

As I reflect on another busy year of helping clients, the one thing that stands out to me is the underlying desire of most of us to be quite simply, Happy and Healthy.  Despite this common bottom line, my clients are a diverse mix: male and female, all ages and with a wide range of...
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