Lose Weight With Hypnotherapy Edinburgh

I struggled with my weight for years.

“I struggled with my weight for years. Buying clothes I didn’t really like but bought them anyway to cover those lumps & bumps! I finally had enough and decided it was time to change. I have tried nearly every fad diet there is and every time ended up gaining the weight if not more. Thanks to Clare she taught me a whole new way of thinking about my relationship with food & exercise. I learnt very quickly the new techniques for the weight to come off & stay off, realising that healthy eating & exercise can be fun. Clare made this whole process easy for me & it really wasn’t hard at all. The weight has stayed off. I’m more confident, comfortable & wear the clothes I like. :)” NB, Edinburgh

I am in a completely different place.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect from my sessions with Clare but I have found it such a wonderful experience. After six months with Clare I am in a completely different place – enjoying a healthy lifestyle with more time for myself and more focus for my work commitments. I’ve really enjoyed the sessions we have had and have felt their impact stay with me in the subsequent weeks. Each time I see Clare I leave with renewed enthusiasm for fresh targets in the coming weeks. As a result of this I have taken up running, expanded my cooking repertoire and felt able to prioritise myself in a way that did not seem possible before.” SC, Edinburgh

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