Rapid, Effective Treatment for Stress and Anxiety

In my work as a Health & Well-Being Coach and Hypnotherapist, I find conditions such as stress, anxiety and depression relatively commonplace. I use a number of powerful techniques to help clients let go of issues causing them stress and anxiety to build a more positive and resourceful state of mind.

There are varying views on the effectiveness of different methods in helping people with stress, anxiety and depression. My sole criterion for a technique’s effectiveness is quite simple: 

Does it work and does it have lasting benefit?

An innovative little known technique which I have used increasingly over the last couple of years is called Eye Movement Integration (EMI). EMI is fast gaining recognition for achieving excellent results in a short space of time. Used to deal with highly distressing or traumatic incidents that cause inner turmoil, EMI works in a way which causes little if any upset to the client.

For me, the beauty of EMI is in its speed and its simplicity. Results can be achieved very quickly and I have had many clients amazed at overcoming a long-standing issue in a short space of time.

In my experience, the benefits of this unconventional technique are enormous. I use this technique for many issues including removing mental blocks and building self-confidence to name just a couple. 

To think that an issue which has been causing lifelong distress can be resolved in a few sessions or less is nothing short of amazing.

If you suffer from stress or anxiety or have any fears or disturbing memories you’d like to let go of, do get in touch.

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