Best Healthy Xmas Presents

More festive than ever

I’ve a feeling we’re going to go all out to make Christmas extra special this year. It’s been some year and we all need extra cheer. Lights on early, a Christmas movie a day, reindeer pjs and more. This year, we’re all in!

As for the presents, the best presents of all are those that become much loved and well used. Come January, in the cold of winter and after festive indulging, self-care will be top of everyone’s agenda. Get ahead of the game by treating your loved ones to some of my feel-good healthy best buys. Of course we all know the importance of taking care of yourself first – so maybe start with yourself!

Feel Good Christmas Presents

  1. For anyone who knows me, an acupressure mat and pillow is my number one. Ideally lie on it for 20 minutes to help back pain, sleep, stress and generally leave feeling super good. Many now come with a massage pillow too for your neck and head.
  2. It’s not surprising Yin and Restorative yoga are trending. A bit like Hygge, these slow deeply nourishing yoga poses leave us feeling so good. The yoga bolster is the must have Yin and Restorative Yoga accessory. Child’s pose, pigeon, reclined butterfly… or even a comfortable seat.
  3. Yoga mat cleaner. With the importance of cleaning forever in our minds, how much nicer to use a lovely lavender scented yoga mist and cloth.
  4. Early beds are even more enticing with this stylish colour changing aromatherapy diffuser.
  5. If you’re being extra generous you can add in a boxed set of essential oils with the diffuserAlternatively, a set of oils make a lovely standalone gift.
  6. A massage candle. We all love candles. Even better, a candle that melts into a beautifully scented massage lotion.
  7. Lush’s Sleepy lotion. Mmmm. If you’ve ever had this, you’ll know what I mean. A soothing, relating lavender body lotion to help sleep. A little goes a long way so even a small tub will last a while.
  8. Body brush. For years I had a wooden natural bristle body brush. Recently I got a silicone body brush and it’s so much better. Totally converted.
  9. book of quotes. I love quotes and with a few carefully constructed words often being more powerful than reading a whole book. A quote book I especially like is ‘And Wisdom Comes Quietly’ by Helen Exley. There are many more good quote books to choose from of course.
  10. A nice journal – great for clarity, insight and reflection. With so many to choose from, pick one that suits their personality.

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Above are a few of my much loved and much used feel-good presents. Let me know your favourites in my Think Healthy Be Healthy Facebook group. If you’re on Facebook and not in the group yet, you can head here to join.

More than ever, many of us are also keen to support local businesses so remember to also buy from those lovely little shops we all love to browse in.

The greatest gift of all

In my view, the greatest gift of all really is the gift of good health. Get in touch here for a complimentary Zoom consult to help you (or a special person in your life) enjoy feel-good balanced health.

Take time to make your soul happy

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