I have always struggled with my weight

‘I have always struggled with my weight.’ ‘I have lost weight many times over my life but I never seem able to sustain it’. ‘I eat when I am tired, when I don’t feel well, when I am stressed, when I feel emotional, when I feel lonely’. ‘It hugely affects my self-esteem and my confidence...
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Get off your phone!

Of relevance to many of us, this month’s topic has as much to do with health as food and fitness. When in my car recently, I tuned into an interesting radio programme on smartphone use and children. It was so interesting that I stayed in my car for a further 30 mins listening to the...
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Youthful heart, healthy you

The subject of health has been especially relevant to me over the last week as for various reasons, I have made quite a few visits to hospital (myself and family reasons – we are all fine!). I few things struck me here: 70 years on (it was the NHS’s 70th birthday recently), how fortunate we...
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