Many of my clients suffer from wakeful sleep. A pattern I hear of a lot of is:

  • Wide awake in the early hours of 3 or 4am
  • Tossing and turning in despair
  • Head racing with anxious thoughts
  • Finally, at some late stage, catching a wink of sleep
  • Woken sluggish and groggy by the unwelcome alarm clock
  • Repeat

Does this sound familiar? If so, take heart from the fact that you are not alone. With sleep deprivation being described by some as the new smoking, it is estimated that one in three suffer from insomnia. Google it and you will find more worrying claims about the damaging effects of regular lack of sleep including impaired memory, brain functioning and immunity and even early death.

From Restless to Restful

The good news is that it is very possible to improve and indeed transform your sleeping.

Below are a few words from appreciative clients:

  • ‘I had the best sleep in decades after our session’
  • ‘I’m very pleased to say my sleeping has improved dramatically and this has been as a result of our session, thank you!’
  • ‘Sleep has been really good’

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Should you wish to work with me, I will email you my comprehensive sleep questionnaire to use in my work with you. In addition, after your session, you will receive a complementary copy of my sleep hypnosis download ‘Sleep Like a Child’ which you can listen to at home to reinforce our work.

For some clients, a 2 hour Breakthrough Session is suffice. Others benefit from a further one or two sessions to cement their change.

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