Clare Wright

Clare Wright

From Struggling and Desperate to Falling in Love with Healthy

As a 21 year old starting my career in a big new city, I found myself having put on weight and desperately trying to lose it. I tried one silly diet after another only ending up putting on more. I was deeply unhappy in a career path I didn’t like and felt trapped and directionless. I missed my family, my friends and my old home life. And I used food as an emotional crutch.

Fortunately for me, this time was short-lived as I turned my focus from weight loss to health. This was the start of a lifelong love of health and wellbeing. 

A number of years later in a desire for more flexibility to look after our young children, I immersed myself in the world of personal development, transformation and change. I combined these two pains and 18 years ago set up my own coaching business helping clients with wellbeing and / or career. Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of clients to get back to and keep to their healthy weight in a way that works for them.

Where do you even start with all the factors that are involved here – there’s so much conflicting information from a range of experts in their own field. For me, it’s about keeping it to simple, what feels good and what works for you.

I’ve also helped clients to feel better, manage stress, sleep better, earn more, save more, change jobs, enjoy better relationships, prioritise themselves, enjoy clothes shopping again (yes they want the other benefits but they want this one too!) and so much more. You can checkout my personalised Career Coaching at nurtureHR where I offer a 1:1 personalised career support to help you build clarity and confidence, whilst combining passion and purpose, to do what you love and love what you do. 

For many people, work and wellbeing are closely related with work impacting wellbeing and vice versa. 

Let’s do it for our daughters

Women’s empowerment and modelling positive behaviours for ‘all our daughters’ is important to me (- no surprise I grew up reading the original Cosmo!). From my years of client work, I would say that Health is a Feminist Issue. Taking time for yourself and your own self-care sends out a strong message to all our daughters in the world, to others around you and to yourself that: you matter, you are important, you are worthy. As for beauty, we know that real beauty comes from the inside; you are beautiful regardless of any physical attributes.

You are beautiful 

Unfortunately many women fail to see their own beauty and think they will be beautiful when…  I encourage you to accept and love yourself now, uncomfortable as this may be initially.

Real freedom

Obsession with food or your weight can leave you trapped in an inner mental prison. Real freedom comes from the peace of being comfortable and happy in your own skin. I know the freedom that come from a strong healthy body and a strong healthy mind, and love to help others regain this freedom:

  • If others can enjoy physical and mental freedom, so too can you
  • If others can leave behind their life of inner struggle, restriction and denial, so too can you
  • If others can improve and maintain their body composition (fat- lean muscle ratio), so too can you. Strong is good!
  • If others can conquer their sugar cravings and free themselves from its powerful pull, so too can you
  • If others can transform their health to transform their lives, so too can you

Dog walks in nature, yoga, a good book or film, family and friends and a simple life are all things I love.

I love the transformation my clients enjoy when working with me and realising that it’s just the beginning.  

Advanced Diploma Coaching | Master Practitioner NLP | Dip Hypnotherapy | Member British Institute Hypnotherapy & NLP | Yoga Teacher Training Jason Crandell YTT300 & YTT200 

If you like the sound of my approach and would like to chat more, just drop me a short message here and we’ll fix a time for a super friendly relaxed and comfortable chat (in full confidence of course). You are too important, and replacing your restrictive, outdated weight loss mentality with feelgood balanced health is too important also.