From Weight Loss to Health 

Do you recognise any of these stories?

“I have lost weight many times over my life but I never seem able to sustain it.”

“I eat when I am tired, when I don’t feel well, when I am stressed, when I feel emotional, when I feel lonely.”

“It hugely affects my self-esteem and my confidence and stops me from being as sociable as I would like.”

“I have always struggled with my weight.”

These are real words shared by women who have worked with on my 1:1 personalised Weight Loss to Health Programme. Weight struggles like these take their toll, leaving you lacking hope, low in confidence and feeling a failure.

Change is possible

I have helped many women take back control of their bodies, their health and their lives. I can help you too.

  • Would you love to leave behind the world of dieting, calorie counting and scales?
  • Want to replace yo-yo dieting with a healthier approach to achieving lasting change—one that works?
  • Do you worry about your weight yet, deep down, know the real issue here is your health?

The single most commonly-used word clients use to describe their first session with me is ‘excited.’ Yes, excited about weight loss—and the benefits it can bring, from feeling calmer and happier, having more energy and sleeping better, to lifelong good health.

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