Discover the Weight Loss to Health Programme

This 1:1 personalised programme:

  • Alters your thinking, beliefs and behaviours around food, putting an end to the spiral of lose, regain, repeat.
  • Takes a personalised approach to lifelong health, with a firm focus on feeling good—gaining your desired weight loss being a bonus.
  • Provides you with motivation, accountability and support so you can achieve lasting results healthily.

Make the inner changes you need, enjoy the resulting outer changes, and find the key to taking charge of your body, your health and your life.


Whether you want to stop sugar cravings, build a healthier relationship with food or a kinder relationship with yourself and your body, this programme can help you achieve your goals. It will:

  • Identify exactly what needs to change—not only in your cupboard but also in your mind.
  • Identify what’s stopped you so far, to help you make the breakthrough you need.
  • Address emotional eating and build kinder, more beneficial ways of meeting your needs.
  • Take a holistic approach covering so much more than exercise and healthy eating.
  • Help you to build your own personal recipe for restoring your natural weight and, more importantly, keeping it off.
  • Commit you to new daily healthy habits, using powerful strategies to build these into your everyday life.
  • Help you adopt a sustainable, balanced and healthy lifestyle, leaving behind old habits forever.


This programme is all about you. It’s a personalised, one-to-one programme to help you change your habits, behaviours and thinking, ending the negative weight loss spiral and replacing it with a balanced healthy lifestyle.

The weekly modules combine a range of learning methods including individual coaching sessions, fun action sheets, insightful handouts and top tip sheets. The step-by-step approach to building daily healthy habits and making them stick will build your confidence and belief that, this time, you can succeed. You’ll get personal, weekly feedback to keep you motivated and inspired along the way.


My next Weight Loss to Health Programme begins early January 2019 with bookings open on Monday 3rd December 2018. Future programmes will take place three times a year in January, April and October.


The programme can be partly or wholly followed from the comfort of your own home. One-to-one sessions are either in person at my North Edinburgh base or Edinburgh West End venue or by telephone or Skype (or equivalent) whilst other programme material can be worked on wherever you choose.


With its focus firmly on health, this is a programme for all. I take a personalised approach to helping you make your desired changes, whether:

  • You’ve been too busy looking after others and have overlooked yourself, or
  • The strains and stresses of everyday life have taken their toll on your health, or
  • You’re simply a serial dieter who’s been struggling with weight for more time than you can remember.

The essential prerequisite to starting this programme is that you’ve made that deep down decision to prioritise yourself and your health.


As a health and wellbeing coach and hypnotherapist, I help clients to leave behind the unhealthy world of dieting and focus on health instead, restoring their healthy weight in the process.

I know how it feels to feel overstressed, overweight, out of balance and out of control. I’ve been in this position too, and I have invaluable insights into what helps and what hinders people in their efforts to escape an unhealthy cycle and restore and maintain natural body weight healthily.

My clients are happy to share their success with others.—much of my new business comes from personal referrals.


If you are thinking that my Weight Loss to Healthy programme may be for you, get in touch today and let’s fix a time for a no-strings chat. That way I can find out a bit more about what you want to achieve to see if my programme is right for you and also let you know more about my work and results.

Due to the personalised nature of my work, I only take on a small number of clients at a time and places can go quickly.

Ready to book?

If you’re ready to prioritise yourself and invest in your long-term health, email me today at think healthy be healthy to book your Weight Loss to Health Programme.

Note that places are limited due to the intensive nature of this programme.