Lessons for living longer

Blue Zones Have you heard about Blue Zones? I kept hearing about Dan Buettner’s Blue Zones again and again until I decided, ok, I need to get the book to find out more. Buettner researched the world’s longest living people and shared what he found about these Blue Zone communities in his book. It started with...
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The Greatest gift of all

A lesson in losing I lost a good part of a day last weekend. Our daughter’s new passport had arrived and I made a mental note to put it away in a safe place there and then. I don’t know about you but I often find myself scooping up six items needing put away and...
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Giving the gift of health

Healthy present ideas Here’s a repost of my 2019 suggestions with a few updated changes. It’s that time of year when the nights are dark and time is short. Regardless of our best made plans and despite powering through our To Do lists, we’re still not done. I’m here to help you get your Christmas...
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