Personalised Weight Loss to Health Programme

personalised weight loss

Why weight loss?

Weight is too important a subject not to address. There’s a lot of confusion and misinformation out there. Even within expert scientific and medical communities, you’ll find different views on the best diet (by which I mean the foods you eat) and exercise plan etc. In my view, results are the best gauge – how do you feel, what are your energy levels, how balanced are your moods, can you maintain a healthy body composition, are you getting a range of macro and micro nutrients etc.  

You are you

As you are all different and no one size fits all, my work is fully personalised. I help you to really get to know yourself, to know what the real problem is, to identify what’s stopping you and what needs to change. I teach you to see the games your mind plays and to get one step ahead and play your mind at its own games, with a better hand. Whilst most weight loss approaches will straight off look at the food you eat and the exercise you take, my aim is for lasting change and this has to start with your mind. No amount of action will help you make or keep any change without you changing the way you think, changing the way you handle your emotions and changing the way you manage stress. 

Weight Loss to Health Programme

I love my Weight Loss to Health Programme: I love my approach, I love my technique, I love the results. My programme is for you if you are done with trying diet after diet only to put on more weight. From my 16 years of client work, I’ve developed my own unique process and framework based on what works for sustainable long term weight loss and health. My bespoke programme includes the three pillars of mindset, movement and eating and takes a kinder, more compassionate to feelgood balanced health.
If you want to restore your natural healthy weight and take a healthy sustainable approach to doing so, we need to talk. Book your free consult to find out whether my Weight Loss to Health Programme would be a good fit for you and how I can help you prioritise your health, or read more about it here

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