‘I don’t want to talk about it’

The voice within

When a new client starts with me, they will often tell me they’ve not discussed how they feel with anyone. Some tell me they make jokey comments about it. Others say nothing. What they don’t realise is that they do talk. Not to others, but to themselves.

With my years of working with clients, I’ve rarely found that this inner voice is a positive or helpful one. It’s quite the opposite – this inner voice usually being highly critical and blaming. You can see how this leads to an imbalance of opinion and distorted sense of reality.

Have you ever thought about how you talk to yourself?

Is that inner narrator and judge fair, or overly harsh?

How would you feel if a good friend spoke to you in this way?

If the only voice you hear is a negative one, you can imagine how much more difficult making your desired change can be.   

‘Making change is always an inside job’

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Photo courtesy of João Jesus on pexels.com