Goal Busting
personalised weight loss

Personalised Weight Loss to Health Programme

Why weight loss? Weight is too important a subject not to address. There’s a lot of confusion and misinformation out there. Even within expert scientific and medical communities, you’ll find different views on the best diet (by which I mean the foods you eat) and exercise plan etc. In my view, results are the best gauge...
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Excited about weight loss

Who is ever excited about weight loss? Seriously, is this ever the case! Not from most people’s experience.   When I help clients lose weight, I never hear them talk about their weight loss history with excitement.   It’s quite the opposite: they talk of their battles, struggles and frustration.   And yet, ‘Excited to...
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To make change, change your mind

Healthy New Year Resolutions Make resolutions, fail, repeat! Who doesn’t know this pattern? A reported 60% of us set New Year’s Resolutions, 55% of them being health related. Recurring resolutions include: I’m going to cut junk food I’m going to exercise more I’m going to go to bed earlier I’m going to stop drinking (or...
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Next month, New Year, next week, next Monday, NOW!

HOW MUCH  longer are you willing to put off making your desired changes? It’s New Year once again and like most people, you are most likely full of enthusiasm and good intentions.  A New Year, a new start. Fast forward just one week however, and next Saturday, the 17th January, is the most common day people...
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