Excited about weight loss

Who is ever excited about weight loss?

Seriously, is this ever the case! Not from most people’s experience.
When I help clients lose weight, I never hear them talk about their weight loss history with excitement.
It’s quite the opposite: they talk of their battles, struggles and frustration.
And yet, ‘Excited to get started ‘ are the most common four words I hear from people when they leave my free 1 hour Weight Loss Clarity Call.
The leave with hope, they leave liking the sound of my much kinder and compassionate approach that works, they leave feeling excited.
Yes, excited about weight loss! 

From Weight Loss to Health

You see, whilst they talk about weight loss – and that is bottom line what they want – I talk about health. I talk about how good they will feel, their self-awareness and insights, their craving free food choices and where their desired weight loss comes is a welcome bonus.
I currently have 3 free slots for working with me on a 1:1 basis on my personalised Weight Loss to Health Programme.
Book your free Weight Loss Clarity Call here or drop me a message via my website here. I’d love to hear if you leave our call feeling excited about your desired weight loss too.
p.s. feel free to share this invite with anyone you know who may want to swap their weight loss battle for excitement

Photo courtesy of Garon Piceli