As a qualified yoga teacher and lifelong lover of yoga, I offer a range of yoga offerings to compliment my wellbeing services. My classes are everything I look for in from yoga including: 

  • A balanced workout to build strength and improve flexibility, balance and core.
  • A range of styles from the more powerful and structured Ashtanga to the deeper stretching of Yin Yoga and the healing benefits of Restorative. 
  • Holistic teaching including yoga breathing and core engagement. 

Whether you want to: 

  • Enjoy a double win regular catching with friends
  • Build calm into your frazzled life
  • Master crow, headstand or dancer pose
  • Ease back into activity after injury
  • Stretch out those desperately tight runner / cyclist / sitting too much glutes, hips and hamstrings

My client focused yoga offers all this and more. 

My Small Group Yoga is friendly tailored yoga in a small private group

My Private 1:1 Yoga is bespoke personalised yoga tailored to individual needs. 

My Business Coaching for Yoga Teachers is a 1:1 programme of support to help start or grow your yoga biz.  

If you like the sound of my yoga offerings, get in touch to find out more.