Simple Simon Says

Cut chocolate

Still Craving Chocolate?

A few days on from Easter and who has vowed to return their chocolate consumption to more normal levels?

What do Easter, Christmas and birthdays (not to mention Halloween!) all have in common?

Yes, these are all times when our chocolate and sugar consumption can get, quite frankly, out of hand! It’s funny that in a world obsessed with health and taking care of our bodies, we still live in a funny society where we are told when to eat chocolate with many readily taking on board this advice:

Simple Simon Says, ‘It’s Christmas, time for tins of Celebrations, Christmas tree decorations and yule logs’.

Simple Simon Says, ‘It’s Easter which means mini chocolate bunnies, Cadbury’s cream eggs and giant velvety Easter eggs’.

Simple Simon Says ‘It’s birthday time which means chocolate, cake and indulgence’. 

Who Then is Simple Simon?

Is it ourselves, making up society as a whole and slavishly following – and adding bells and whistles to – traditions?

Is it the powerful food manufacturers with their seductive marketing and packaging, profiting at the expense of our nation’s expanding girth?

And is it really a problem? After all, as some would say, we need some enjoyment in life.

Is Too Much Sugar a Problem?

Sorry to be a killjoy but yes too much sugar is a problem. The reality is that the UK statistics on obesity, diabetes and cancer are seriously alarming and only set to get worse (

  • At 4.7 million, diabesity figures have more than doubled in the last 20 years (with 90% of all cases being type 2 diabetes).
  • Every year, diabetes leads to 169 amputations, 68 strokes, 530 heart attacks, almost 2000 cases of heart failure and 500 premature deaths.
  • Obesity is responsible for 80-85% of someone’s risk of getting diabetes.

Other potential problems from excess sugar include:

Erratic blood sugar levels playing havoc with our moods and energy levels – we all know that post sugar slump!

Constant cravings – just think of the language around this: ‘I could die for chocolate’, ‘ I would kill for a bar of …’, ‘I NEED chocolate’, or as the sign in my kitchen says ‘Hand over the chocolate and no one gets hurt!

Weakened immune system – is getting run down or ill at Christmas and other celebratory times really such a coincidence?

Reduced intake of essential nutrients – any wonder you don’t feel like dinner after feasting on chocolate?

With various studies reporting metabolic benefits of cutting sugar within two weeks, which of the following benefits would you like to enjoy?

  • Looking younger
  • Feeling happier
  • Shedding stubborn pounds
  • Catching fewer colds
  • Lowering your diabetes risk
  • Living longer

How to Cut or Reduce Sugar

Stating your intention to cut or reduce sugar is one thing – keeping to it is another (especially during the more challenging early days). Read on for my six simple tips to help you consciously reduce your sugar consumption:

You decide. Forget unquestioningly following Simple Simon  (or the big food giants) instructions and decide for yourself what and when you will eat.

Be selective. Be a posh connoisseur: rather than eating any sugary food, become more selective and fussy over your indulgences.

Know thyself. Does moderation work for you rather than avoiding wholeheartedly? Or does eating sugary food open up the floodgates, making it better to choose healthier alternatives?

Wise up on your triggers. If a particular type of biscuit or bar is your downfall and leads to you eating the pack, choose something else. Don’t set up your own mouse trap!

Be creative. Look for ways of tantalising your senses and treating yourself and your family other than taste e.g. a good book, film, soak or massage.

Be honest. Who are you really buying them for? ‘I bought them for the children, my husband, visitors…’. Really? If you don’t want to eat it, don’t buy it! (we do know that hiding them on the back shelf or even in the laundry cupboard doesn’t work, right!)

A healthy attitude to food it as important as healthy food itself.

If or someone you know would like to reduce or cut their chocolate or sugar intake and could benefit from a little help from me using hypnotherapy to take a more direct ‘Go Straight to Go’ route, making changes at the unconscious level, get in touch here to find out more.

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