Keeping Healthy in times of Coronovirus

Take good care of yourself

At the start of the year we could never in our wildest dreams have imagined being in the situation we are now in. It could easily be something out of a fiction novel. I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling I need to pinch myself at times as I wonder if this is just a bad dream.

It could be easy to be sucked into this doom and gloom leaving us with rising anxiety on reading the continuous news updates. This virus is more powerful than us at the moment despite labs frantically working on a vaccine. Whilst the rapidly deteriorating external situation is out of our meticulously scrubbed hands, looking after our own health and encouraging others to do the same isn’t.

Join my new Think Healthy Be Healthy Facebook Group

To help, I’ve started a Think Healthy Be Healthy Facebook group to provide a positive, encouraging and supportive online community space for us to come together. In doing so, I will be sharing my many years of knowledge, skill and experience of helping clients improve their health and wellbeing (- coaching, neuro-lingual programming, hypnotherapy and latterly yoga to help us change our lives through our thinking and behaviours. Trust me, from my client work, change can be very quick!)

Many have already signed up to my new group in recent days and it’s great to see you on there. If you’re not already in, I’d love to invite you to my new Think Healthy Be Healthy Facebook group here Join my Think Healthy Be Healthy Facebook Group

I confess, in recent months I was tiring of social media and wanting to spend less of my time online (we all know how it goes: a quick couple of minutes online turns to aimlessly scrolling or disappearing down a virtual rabbit warren!). However in recent weeks, I’ve had a change of tack. With the physical world closing in on us, our virtual networks and connections are becoming more important to us than ever. At the same time, our physical, mental and emotional health is essential during these stormy waters.

Most of us will have more time on our hands and being conscious of the need to keep our immunity strong, what better time than over the coming days, weeks and months to properly focus on our health.

Healthy recipes, IBS, stress, sleep, home exercise and much more will all be covered – and anything else wellbeing related that the group wishes to discuss. I’ll be dong short Facebook Live’s in the group on a regular basis so you’ll be able to put your questions to me or request topics you would like us to cover. Blog articles and podcasts on health related subjects will also be shared – I’m hoping to sign up some interesting and inspiring guests for this.

Best of all, this group is free. If you would like to add a friend, family member, colleague, neighbour or anyone else who could benefit from a daily supportive online community to help them think and be healthy, please join the group and invite them.

If we can’t meet up in the gym, our yoga class or over a coffee in a café, let’s get together on my new online wellbeing community Facebook group to Think Healthy and Be Healthy, making this healthy space good!

More than ever this is a time to realise that whilst we can’t control these external circumstances, we can control how we respond to them.

Come Yoga with Me

Many of you will know that my in person yoga classes have now been stopped and I am quickly getting up to speed with the techie side of video so I can provide yoga online. I will be starting in the next few days with a free 7 day Keep Calm and Do Yoga programme for all levels including complete beginner. I plan to offer live short daily breathing and meditation sessions and also two weekly 30 min live yoga classes. For those who can’t attend at the time, recordings will be provided so you can do them at your leisure. If you would like to join this 7 day free programme, you can keep informed by joining my new Facebook group mentioned above where updates will be shared.

This is a perfect time to learn how to do yoga properly with full instruction on poses and varying pose options from beginner upwards and arguable more importantly, to learn to calm that over-worrying mind by practising daily meditation and breathing. The ongoing focus of my online yoga will be on us coming out of this period physically, mentally and emotionally stronger.

When things change for a week or two, we tend to revert to the status quo at the end. Longer changes can alter the fabric of society. In many ways, some good can come out of this devastating situation:

  • Community kindness and offers of support are springing up all over our nation.
  • The particular focus of effort on society’s most vulnerable including the elderly and those struggling financially or mentally is heart-warming.
  •  The strong messages on stopping stockpiling and thinking of others is encouraging us all to think and act less selfishly.
  • Even our young faced with time on their hands and a less mapped out timetable will be forced to dig deeper to discover the creativity and resourcefulness they are unaware they have.

Join my Facebook group, sign up to my Come Yoga with Me Programme and let’s use this time for us all to prioritise our good health. 

If you or someone you who is feeling especially anxious in the current challenging times of Coronavirus and would like help to buid their mental and emotional strength and resilience, get in touch today by emailing me to fix a short telephone chat to see how I can help. 

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