Youthful heart, healthy you

The subject of health has been especially relevant to me over the last week as for various reasons, I have made quite a few visits to hospital (myself and family reasons – we are all fine!). I few things struck me here: 70 years on (it was the NHS’s 70th birthday recently), how fortunate we...
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All I Want for Christmas…

With the festive season upon us and Santa lists drawn up, it is an opportune time to ask ourselves: What Do We Really Want? As a Health and Wellbeing Coach and Hypnotherapist, I have a unique insight into what people really want. In the confidential, safe and supportive space I provide, people open up in...
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Get Out of Your Head!

A common problem that hinders people from making their desired changes is spending too much time in their heads. Let’s face it, we can talk ourselves out of almost anything if we want to! Spending too much time in your head can result in you playing all sorts of mind games with yourself leaving you...
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