Weight Loss

I have always struggled with my weight

‘I have always struggled with my weight.’ ‘I have lost weight many times over my life but I never seem able to sustain it’. ‘I eat when I am tired, when I don’t feel well, when I am stressed, when I feel emotional, when I feel lonely’. ‘It hugely affects my self-esteem and my confidence...
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From Weight Loss to Health 2017 New Year Resolutions

My busiest time for new signups is a few days away, once New Year is upon us.  Suddenly the sight of chocolate and more chocolate is no longer appealing and the whole world is resolving to eat better, get fit and lose weight. This year has been different however with more enquiries in the month of...
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Lose Regain Repeat

Lose Regain Repeat. Lose Regain Repeat. Lose Regain Repeat And Maintain Does this sound like a familiar pattern to you If you’re trying to lose weight, I suspect the answer is a clear YES. When I see clients for weight loss, the one thing they all have in common is that this is not the first...
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Getting Started On Your Weight Loss Journey

There is always something that triggers you to make the decision to lose weight/get fit or get healthy. Maybe its a feeling slowly gnawing away inside you as the pounds gradually creep on. Maybe its your favourite clothes being a little tighter than you would like – or worse still, no longer being able to fit into...
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Next month, New Year, next week, next Monday, NOW!

HOW MUCH  longer are you willing to put off making your desired changes? It’s New Year once again and like most people, you are most likely full of enthusiasm and good intentions.  A New Year, a new start. Fast forward just one week however, and next Saturday, the 17th January, is the most common day people...
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